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My life long journey with accounting began when I was a Junior in High School. My Dad had an income tax preparation service where he handled the tax work for about 200 farmers and ranchers. This fact influenced me when one day during Study Hall, while researching career choices, I came across a brochure on the accounting profession. After studying it, I concluded that I was going to become a Certified Public Accounting. This happened and I did become a .C.P.A.

My accounting career started during college where I worked for a local accounting firm.  During this time I was able to work on a wide variety of clients and quickly confirmed that I had made the right career choice. I enjoyed helping clients solve business problems.

Upon receiving my accounting degree, I spent my career providing accounting and tax services to both small and large commercial enterprises, nonprofits and individuals.  The services rendered included setting up accounting systems, providing controller services, providing tax planning advise as well as tax compliance services.

These services were provided primarily in New York City through working for large international accounting firms, my own firm and a mid size accounting firm.  The end result in providing these services was always to help the client solve a pressing financial need.

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